I own a big house and a condo. I hired these people since my friend recommended them to me. They have been working for me for several years and could not be happier. The staff is professional, reliable, honest and detail oriented. Every single cleaning day I get a prompt, excellent and quality-driven experience. The company provides good cleaning products and amazing vacuums. The owner always takes care of my needs, I always get a quick, positive and professional response. Excellent customer service, excellent cleaners and affordable prices. I cannot say enough good things about this company, they are GREAT!
Paul C.-La Jolla, 01/4/2017

I called asking for an estimate over the phone, but surprisingly I got a free estimate at home. The business manager came to my place and took notes of everything, she was very attentive to all my requirements, she showed me pictures and videos of the places they have cleaned and I just got impressed with the quality of work. She also convinced me with her kindness, so I decided to hire them. I am absolutely happy with my decision. The cleaners always do a lovely job, detailed and professional. A supervisor comes often to check that everything is going well. I just adore this company because from the day I hired them, my place looks great every week and I have more time for my family.
Shannon Wang – Del Mar, 9/27/2016

Nothing else to say more than these guys are awesome! They clean my vacation property in Point Loma once a month. They offer a vacation rental package which is very helpful for me, they water plants, start the car parked in the garage and pick up my mail. Sometimes I ask them to run errands for my occasional tenants and they do it very well. Really nice people and admirable customer service.
Megan C. Jefferson – San Diego, 12/15/2016

I hired Always Clean For You after my original maid service closed unexpectedly. When I walked in I couldn’t believe how thorough the girls were. They even cleaned my ceiling fan, which my other maids were not doing. They dusted down all the doors. all the light switches were cleaned and sanitized. It feels good knowing my home has been completely cleaned and sanitized from the top to the bottom! Such a wonderful service and truly worth the money. So glad my other maids are out of business!!
Lisa L. – La Mesa, 01/7/2016

We have never had a cleaning service like Always Clean For You, they always show up on time something that has been a huge problem for us in the past with other cleaning companies. They do a professional job every time, they are honest to the core and you will not regret having your home cleaned by this company. We live in Hillcrest/Mission Hills and have been using ACFY about 5 years now. With busy schedules, we all need and deserve a clean home to come home to, try them you will not be sorry!
Paula C. Lambert – San Diego, 7/30/2015

They have been cleaning our house for over a year now. I was skeptical at first to have someone else cleaning our house because I am always been the do-it yourself kinda person, but I am also a working mom and needed help with some of the up keeps of our home. The owner sends the same cleaning crew each time (Tina) to ensure quality service to my satisfaction. Tina is the best! She is very thorough, polite, always a smile on her face, trustworthy and doesn’t waste her time when it comes to cleaning. She cleans our house just the way I like it! You can tell whenever Tina had been in our house because she makes our house smell so fresh and clean. The kitchen counter tops and sink are bright white, bathrooms toilets look sterile clean, our stainless steel appliances looked brand-new, windows and mirrors are spotless, our carpet looks combed and she even cleans our thrash cans too. Whenever I needed something specific that needs to be clean, I just simply email the owner and he always made sure that Tina gets the message and see to it that it is done right. Over all, I am very satisfied with their cleaning services. Their cleaning prices are reasonable and affordable and most importantly I have more quality time spent with my family, instead of cleaning our house on my days off.
Annalyn Gonzales – San Diego, 5/17/2013

All I have to say is that These guys were great. They provided us with a Spring Cleaning and the house was so shining and clean. They were professional, wearing company uniforms and driving their cute pink branded cars, using their own equipment, they gave us an estimate for regular cleaning, for sure we are going to schedule with them our home cleanings, thank you guys and !!VERY GOOD JOB!!
Alice M. – San Diego, 4/19/2013

Used “Always Clean For You” for a little over a year now. They’re always timely and professional. They do a great job cleaning my condo. My wife is very pleased with their work. She likes things very tidy and neat and Always Clean has delivered everytime. Their rates are good and dealing with them is always easy. I feel very comfortable having them clean while I’m away at work. Couldn’t be happier with their services.
Jhon Zouk – Chula Vista, 2/11/2013