Terms and Conditions

Thank you for picking Always Clean for You to serve your house cleaning needs! We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your home. Please be assured that we guarantee our best to give you our utmost quality of service.
Below you will find some policies that will help better your experience with ACY. If you have any questions please call us or e-mail us.

By confirming the service by phone, email or in person, New and Existing customers agree to our Terms and Conditions

1. Your cleaning service schedule is indicated either by phone or by E-mail. We do our best to be prompt and meet the cleaning time indicated, but traffic and other clients may affect our schedule. If your scheduled cleaner is going to be more than 30 minutes
late, we will contact you. ACY recommends arranging cleaning times with a 2-4 hours time frame.
2. The cost of your service is indicated either by phone or by E-mail.
3. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept Cash, Check and Credit Card. A check must be payable to Always Clean for You LLC. Credit card payments have an extra fee of 3.5% charged by the bank.
4. If you cancel your cleaning appointment the same day or we arrive at your home and nobody is present or our staff is not able to get in, a fee of $75 will be charged (No Show-up Fee).
5. If a cleaning appointment is canceled or rescheduled by the client less than 48 hours in advance, a fee of $75.00 will be charged.
6. Returned checks are subject to a $50.00 processing fee.
7. We’ll do our best to assign you the same person/crew to clean. This person/crew will be your regular cleaner(2) with the exception of illness, vacation, or personal emergency. In the event your assigned cleaner ends employment with the company, he or she will be replaced with another trained cleaner who has been briefed on the details of your home and cleaning services.
8. ACY strives to provide outstanding cleaning services for our clients. Our customers are our best thermometer in gauging our quality. Your home is very important to us and we value your opinion. If you are ever not happy with the cleaning, we ask that you
contact the office within 8 hours of service in order for us to address the problem. If we do not receive notice from you promptly or if you decide to correct the problem yourself, we will not be responsible for that.
9. We do not provide monetary refunds because we still have to pay for cleaners time, gasoline, products and extra costs in order to provide our customer with the cleaning service. We offer our customers additional services or extra task at not cost to
compensate them, as long as it is an error on our part.
10. If you requested an hourly cleaning, we can only guarantee that cleaner(s) will stay for the specified amount of time you are going to pay for. We may not be able to complete all tasks if time runs short. Therefore, if extra time is needed to complete the
cleaning service you can ask our cleaners to stay for additional cleaning time as long as you pay for it.
11. If you are home and we do a walk through of the place before leaving, and no issues are brought up then, you agree with the service provided. If you find issues after we do a walk through with you and we leave, we can come back for an additional charge,
not for free.
12. All customers’ home we clean must be a safe working environment in which to do our job properly. Health and safety are important to you as the customer and ACY to eliminate any unforeseen accidents. In the event that a house is a hazard or cluttered, we
reserve the right for our cleaners to take pictures of the area(s) for before and after of what was done.
13. During summer time, we expect our customers consider turning Air Conditioning On, during the cleaning service, to provide a comfortable work environment to our workers.
14. To protect our cleaners, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT clean blood, vomit, animal waste, mice feces, roach feces, human waste, or litter boxes (toxoplasmosis). We will also not clean any home that has any type of insect or animal infestations, such as but is not
limited to: fleas, roaches, spiders, or bed bugs.
15. Please make sure your home is accessible to us. If you have a security alarm, please leave it in the “OFF” position or provide us with the code (before the day of your appointment) to turn the alarm off or reset it when we leave. We are not responsible for
any alarm problems such as but is not limited to changing of the code with no notice to our office, failure to turn an alarm off that morning, etc, that may arise when we enter or exit a home.
16. If you require ACY to hold a key to enter your home, under no circumstances will we keep your address details with the key, however, to identify your key it is acceptable to keep your client’s number to make it easier to identify which key belongs to you;
it is in our best interest to keep your keys secure all times.
17. If you prefer to be present at the time cleaner(s) arrive, please make sure that you are there to them in at the agreed time. If cleaners arrive at the designated time and no one is home without giving notice, you as the customer will be responsible for
paying ACY the No Show-up Fee.
18. Any Incidental costs incurred by the company or cleaners as a result of a client’s action will be fully reimbursed by the customer immediately.
19. All items of value that are non-replaceable, one-of-a-kind, sentimental value, collector’s items, trophies, discontinued patterns, family heirlooms, and high-cost crystal-china-ceramic items must be disclosed to ACY. These items cannot be cleaned due to
insurance regulations.
20. ACY will not be liable for items broken or damaged due to product wear-and-tear, nor damage to or caused by fixtures that are not properly secured such as pictures, mirrors, window treatments, wall coverings, lack of furniture glides for wood floors, lack
of scratch covers on the bottom of furniture decor, cabinet mounted appliances and household accessories.
21. ACY will not be liable for damage that is not reported within 24-hours of your last cleaning. We will not accept liability for damages directly or indirectly caused by non-standard company products and equipment. We provide professional products and
equipment in order to perform efficiently. If customer requests to use his/her own supplies or vacuums ACY won’t be responsible for any damage while using them and/or the cleaning quality.
22. If a post-construction cleaning is scheduled and part of it is still in process during or after we clean, we cannot guarantee work done properly and you are still responsible for payment in full for cleaning services.
23. If construction crews occupy the property or people getting it dirty again, ACY won’t be responsible for the cleaning results.
24. We normally have busy schedules, if you request a last minute extra cleaning, we cannot guarantee that we will be available before your tenants move into the property.
25. Due to certain surfaces being easy to scratch, we cannot guarantee that ALL of them will be 100% residue free to avoid us causing more damage.
26. Hourly service requires the customer to be present when cleaners arrive and agree to the service once it’s done. Customer will pay from the time the cleaners arrive until they leave. Waiting time as result of customer’s late arrival either to open the door
or to pay for the service will be included in the hourly rate.
27. If a move in/out cleaning, please be sure that all moving is done prior to us arriving and the home is ready to clean. If we arrive and you have other services being done, furniture still there or remodel crews still present, we do not guarantee the cleaning in these situations. This will also result in additional costs for you, as workers will need more time to move things around to be able to clean. For your convenience, please schedule movers and remodeling workers prior to your cleaning if possible.
28. Regular customers that request extra services as Refrigerator inside, Oven inside, Windows Cleaning, or any other service that is not included in the general service hired, will pay an extra fee depending on the task.
29. If a regular customer changes or skips services and it affects daily or weekly schedules, she/he may be moved from the day or time assigned. A new optional/tentative schedule must be arranged between both parties. In order to reschedule the service,
ACY appreciates customer’s flexibility and understanding.
30. We send Friendly Reminders as a courtesy, but it is customer’s responsibility to mark on the calendar the cleaning schedule assigned. A No Show-Up Fee and/or Late Cancellation fee will be charged if customer informs she/he forgot the cleaning.
31. ACY reserved a cleaning spot only for your service, a sudden skip or last minute cancellation generally leaves our staff with gaps in their daily agenda, which brings unexpected extra costs for our company, as gasoline expenses, as well as wage payment to
our staff for their trip time and their waiting time. If a cleaner drives out to a home and cannot get in, we still pay them for this time. We have to know how many jobs we have in advance so we know how many cleaners we need to have every day. Please keep
in mind that as any other cleaning company, we need to plan ahead.
32. ACY does not take responsibility on cleaners waiting time once service has been confirmed and not rescheduled ahead of time. Customer will pay for waiting time or No Show-up.
33. Weekly cleaning is once per week. Bi-weekly cleaning is every 2 weeks. Monthly Cleaning is every 4 weeks. Company and customer may arrange any other regular frequency upon ACY’s availability.
34. ACY customer representative does the best to accommodate every single customer’s needs whenever it is possible. Please keep in mind that there are many other customers and we want to respect everyone’s spots.
35. Special requests that require changes to the schedule of the day and/or the week, or affect the cleaners schedules will be determined by company’s convenience. Changes in schedules may result in moving other people from regular spots. We cannot make
changes so often because the majority of the services are previously arranged. Customers usually adjust their appointments and compromises to be accommodated; ACY appreciates our customer’s understanding.
36. We may rarely ask our customers to be flexible in order to fit other customers in the schedule or due to one of the cleaner’s absence. We appreciate customers’ cooperation on this matter.

ACY reserves the right to refuse the service to anyone. We all know that cleaning houses is a tedious job, that’s why we appreciate our cleaners’ hard work; as we also expect our clients to appreciate the work that employees do for them. We do our best to provide a great experience so that we require our work to be paid in full at the time of service has been provided; we also anticipate to be well treated and respected. We won’t conduct business with customers that treat our staff poorly or aggressively.