We are one of the most preferred choices for residential house cleaning and maid services in San Diego County.
Whether you require regular or occasional house cleaning, you can count on Always Clean for You to deliver top-notch quality service. Our thoroughly trained and pet-friendly staff is eager to tackle all of your housekeeping chores. We happily provide regular service weekly, bi-weekly and monthly, for a fixed price. Spring Cleaning, Initial Cleaning, One Time General Cleaning or Occasional Cleaning and Windows Cleaning have an hourly charge.

Initial Cleaning: In order to start a regular cleaning service, we require to do an Initial Deep Cleaning for your first-time visit. It is a thorough, top-to-top clean of your home and sets the standards for each future visit. You can customize your service, you designate the areas, whole house or specific rooms in the home. The price depends on the time taken to complete the job.

Regular Cleaning (Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly): It is very convenient and hassle-free to maintain a clean and healthy home. Our Unique Detailed Cleaning Method will make your home sparkle by itself. We do our best to designate the same team or same cleaner each visit. We offer affordable rates and customized packages. Recurring payment options available. Having a regular cleaning will give you time to enjoy with your family which is your priority. Call Us for a Free Estimate on Site! We stop by your place to listen to your needs, so will give you an accurate price for your regular service.




Sanitize, Scrub and Wash toilets, tubs & showers
Scrub and Disinfect sinks & counters
Scrub & Wash shower glasses
Clean and shine Mirrors
Empty wastebaskets (replace plastic bags)
Organize and fold Towels
Dust shelves & baseboards
Vacuum floors
Mop Floors


Clean outside all appliances
Wash Outside of stove
Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
Clean Outside of Refrigerator
Wash Microwave (inside & outside)
Dust and spot clean cabinet exteriors
Wipe table and chairs
Clean window over sink
Wipe down Trash Can (outside) and Lid
Empty wastebaskets (replace plastic bags)
Vacuum and mop floor
Place trash in outside receptacle

All Bedrooms / Family Room / Dining Room:

Remove cobwebs
Dust decorative items
Dust wall hangings and furniture
Dust ceiling fans (within reach)
Clean all mirrors
Remove trash
Change linens / make beds
Vacuum all floors
Clean underneath area rugs
Mop Hard floors / Wood floors
Clean one sliding glass door, inside and out

Clean Refrigerator Inside
Degrease and Wipe down Oven inside
Clean Baseboards
Dust and Degrease Blinds
Wash windows
Clean more than one silde doors
Entrance / Balcony / Patio
Fingerprints on doors and light switches
Cabinet exteriors
Clean French doors
Spot clean walls
Clean fireplace