With ACY, your rental property will be in the best shape for new tenants. We know that your second place is a profitable side income. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can focus on getting more bookings! For Regular Vacation Property customers, we set up a flat price as long as the cleaning crew remains in the range of time. For Occasional Customers or One-Time Customers, the service has an hourly charge.

Kitchen :
Thoroughly Clean & Sanitize Sink
Unload Dishwasher
Clean Interior and Exterior Of All Appliances
Clean and Degrease stove
Clean & Polish Stainless Steel
Clean All Countertops & Backsplashes
Trash Removal
Wipe Off Tables, Chairs & Barstools
Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors
Floors Vacuumed and Mopped
Organize Kitchen Towels

Bathrooms :
Tub/Shower/Shower Doors Fully Cleaned & Sanitized
Thoroughly Clean & Sanitize Sink
Toilet Cleaned and Sanitized In, Around & Behind
Clean All Mirrors
Vacuum Floor
Mop Floor Thoroughly
Spot Clean Cabinet Exterior
Dust Baseboards

Bedrooms :
Change Linens
Neatly Make Beds, Fold & Put Away Extra Blankets
Check All Drawers & Under Beds
Dust All Furniture
Dust Ceiling Fan
Vacuum and mop floors
Check Periodically For Bed Bugs

General Areas :
Dust All Window Sills
Clean Sliding Glass Doors
Patio’s Organized
Patio Table Wiped Down
Put Out Fresh Sofa Bed Linens As Needed
Check Sofa Bed
Shake Out Throw Rugs & Mats
Dust Furniture, Lamps & Ceiling Fans
Vacuum All Carpets & Floors
Mop Floors
Clean And Organize Laundry Room
Check All Cupboards & Cabinets
Sweep Garage floor
Dust Garage furniture